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Tiana Lavingia, MSW

Tiana is passionate about supporting women in tech achieve their career goals. AdvanzHER is about empowering women to advance their careers through promotion, discovering their dream role, or confidently making a career change. Tiana works to combine her Human Resources and Recruiting experience to provide unique insights to clients as a Career Coach, to assist them in becoming the most competitive employees and applicants within the market.


Tiana obtained her MSW from the University of Southern California and is certified as a Life and Success Coach under the Jay Shetty Certification School. Tiana has over a decade of experience working as a Talent and HR Leader. Tiana has navigated many industries throughout her career, including Tech, Healthcare, Entertainment, Academia, and Nonprofit. 

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Our mission is to support the career advancement of women in tech through promotions, job seeking, and career pivots in efforts to close the gender gap. We help clients prepare for their next chapter in their career!

Our passion lies in propelling women toward a brighter, more equitable professional future.

Why Choose Us?

At AdvanzHER you will receive a unique and catered experience to support you through your career journey.  We understand that every woman's version of HER will look different. That's why we're committed to being a trusted partner on your HER journey to becoming the version of Happy, Empowered, and Rich that you imagine for yourself.


It also helps that we use HR and talent insights combined with tech industry experience to effectively help you set goals, prepare for what’s to come, and develop confidence along your unique journey to success!

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