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Julia M., CA

“Having Tiana as my Coach/Mentor helped me be successful in achieving my aims. She gave me space to talk through my goals, determine my motivations behind them and room to craft an action plan to achieve my goals.
She was my sounding board, coach, mentor, and cheerleader! It was fantastic working with her and know she was roOting for me."

Amber D., NC

"Tiana proved to be an indispensable catalyst for my professional development. Her unique approach delves deep into your current position, allowing her to Help you craft personalized goals that not only leverage your strengths, but also addresses your weaknesses.
This ability is nothing short of a superpower, and paveD the way to transformative success!"
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Kate M., CA

“I spoke with Tiana during a time I was feeling stuck in fear surrounding my finances. I read some books and did exercises she recommended, and within a few weeks I got an unexpected 10% raise at work! I'd worked there for 2 years and never gotten a raise. Tiana is the real deal!!”
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